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I am running to be your strong voice for Southern Colorado and the Western Slope in Congress.

Meet Diane

I am a former 2-term Routt County Commissioner and former 3-term Colorado State House Representative known for walking the talk, standing up for my constituents, and working across the aisle for practical solutions. My record shows that I have consistently fought for the people, the economy, and the environment of rural Colorado to get things done.

The people who call our district home need strong representation, and a champion for Southern Colorado and the Western Slope in Washington, D.C. That is why I am running for Congress. And I need your support to win.

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I am ready to keep fighting for a more just, equitable, sustainable, and prosperous Colorado. To do this, I am prioritizing the following issues:

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 P.O. Box 771606, Steamboat Springs, 80477

118 West 3rd St. Pueblo, CO 81003