Diane Mitsch Bush
House Representative
District 26 - EAGLE & ROUTT

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April Greetings to Everyone in Eagle County and Routt County!

We are in high gear down here at the Capitol with three weeks remaining in the 2014 Session. March and early April have been very productive for common sense, fiscally responsible solutions to benefit all Coloradans.

During the last week in March, the Colorado House debated and passed the Long Appropriations Bill, HB14-1336, aka, the budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015, July1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. The Constitution requires that we pass a balanced budget. That means we must carefully weigh competing needs. After passing the House, the budget went through the Senate, got amended, and came back to us this week for final approval.

Our priorities were education funding to provide opportunity for all our children, flood and wildfire relief and prevention of future disasters, and building more economic security for all.

Most importantly, we increased our reserve from 5% to 6.5 % without raising taxes. Having a solid rainy day fund is critical when disaster strikes or if the economy worsens. I am very pleased that we were able to build up our reserve.

Here are some other FY14-15 budget highlights. Our budget:

I am proud that all 8 of my bills so far have had bipartisan support.

All have passed out of the House, and 7 have passed the Senate. Two will be signed on the Western Slope in special signing ceremonies this summer, and 5 have already been signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper.

On April 14, my bill to fund Safe Routes to School passed the House with a bipartisan vote, 42-19. It is now on its way to the Senate.

My small hydro power bill with Republican Representative Don Coram (R-Montrose) reduces red tape and bureaucracy to encourage more small hydropower and create rural jobs. We worked with an inclusive, diverse group of stakeholders to build consensus. The Governor will sign this bill on May 31.

We have many more bills to consider and debate before May 7.

Photos and Praise for Our Colorado Accomplishments

Cathryn Marie, center in white, later in the day received the statewide award for Support Staff of the Year from the Alliance for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for her outstanding workGovernor Hickenlooper signing HB1060 allowing statutory towns to compensate Planning Commissioners with Rep Diane looking on. From right to left beside her are Town Council member Joe Knaebel( right), Eagle Town Manager Jon Stavney, Joes son, and two representatives of the Colorado Planning Association"

Ken Salazar just after Representative Mitsch BushRepresentative Diane Mitsch Bush Chairing the Committee of the Whole of the Colorado House.







epresentative Diane Mitsch Bush and Representative Don Coram( R-Montrose)Representative Diane Mitsch Bush Chairing the Committee of the Whole of the Colorado House.







Eagle County ConstituentsIn my office with office mate Rep Singers aide Susan Boucher ( center) and my indispensable, most awesome aide, Tate Carpenter (left). Team Blue!






Eagle County ConstituentsRep Diane and Rep Don Coram(R-Montrose) presenting their bill HB1030, Small Hydropower in the Colorado House






Eagle County ConstituentsThe vote tally for Diane's a Safe Routes to a School Bill, passed 42-19







Eagle County ConstituentsRep Diane with HD26 Brewers visiting her office. Andy Jesson( left ) Bonfire Brewing, Eagle and Mark Fitzgerald, Butcherknife Brewery, Steamboat Springs







Rep Diane listening to Routt County Road and Bridge Director Janet Hruby testify in support of Diane's HB1301, Safe Routes to School Funding before the Colorado House Transportation Committee"




Diane in Her office at the CapitolI am honored to represent you in the Colorado House. You can count on me to continue to be a strong mountain community voice for you! I am excited to be running for reelection to keep working for you!

During the session, please do contact me at repdianehd26@gmail.com or my Capitol Office at 303-866-2923 with your concerns, questions, and ideas.

Yours for a just, equitable, sustainable, and prosperous Colorado for all,

Diane Mitsch Bush
Colorado State House of Representatives,
District 26-Eagle County and Routt County
P.O. Box 770535
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477